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Heya, guys, Aleksandr12 here!

I've been posting my music on this account since early 2013, and I know that my early work isn't that spectacular. I have been listening to my old compositions from my very first one, up until my most recent one, and I have to say I've improved quite a lot. I don't post much on this account anymore, since it's not very organized, and I hate having things sporatically put together, so I've been uploading my content on a SoundCloud page titled "TotallyHorse".

SoundCloud is what I prefer using over Newgrounds, just because it's easier to organize, and I already have two albums posted on there and a few other things, but my complaints lie in the fact that I don't get nearly the viewers on there as I do on here, so could all of you guys who listen to my music on Newgrounds check out my soundcloud, the content on there is much better than the content I post on here!

Thank you very very much, you guys, it means a lot to me that you could give them a listen, composing is my passion, and I would like some feedback :)

Again, thank you,



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