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Improvement :)

2016-01-16 22:53:17 by Aleksandr12

Heya, guys, Aleksandr12 here!

I've been posting my music on this account since early 2013, and I know that my early work isn't that spectacular. I have been listening to my old compositions from my very first one, up until my most recent one, and I have to say I've improved quite a lot. I don't post much on this account anymore, since it's not very organized, and I hate having things sporatically put together, so I've been uploading my content on a SoundCloud page titled "TotallyHorse".

SoundCloud is what I prefer using over Newgrounds, just because it's easier to organize, and I already have two albums posted on there and a few other things, but my complaints lie in the fact that I don't get nearly the viewers on there as I do on here, so could all of you guys who listen to my music on Newgrounds check out my soundcloud, the content on there is much better than the content I post on here!

Thank you very very much, you guys, it means a lot to me that you could give them a listen, composing is my passion, and I would like some feedback :)

Again, thank you,


I have just acquired East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra, so expect me to dick around a lot, remake some of my old songs, and have some new pretty fucking awesome new songs!



2015-01-24 18:21:48 by Aleksandr12

Hello, Brayden here.

It's been a while since I've really done a lot. I've posted one thing since this year started.

I'm not sure if the quallity of my stuff has gotten better or worse, but I'm workin' hard to

keep my music style the same. If any of you guys have any suggestions to a cover

that I should do to an anime song, or a video game song; whatever you want! I just need

some ideas, and I need them pronto :D

Hi there!

2014-03-28 03:15:49 by Aleksandr12

Heya, I'm Aleksandr12... well my real name is Brayden if you prefer.

I'm a musician, I guess? I do a lot of stuff with chiptune and MIDI, a passion; much less a hobby.

I don't upload that often, but when I do I try to make it the highest quality that I can.

I do take requests, and if you want me to make music for a project I do also work for free.

I'm talking in bullet points, aren't I? Oh whale!

I would VERY much appreciate comments/reviews on my work, I love to hear feedback.

Anyway, bullet points aside, I really enjoy doing this, so I do hope you guys can tell me what's wrong and how I can make things better!

Thank you,

        Brayden (AKA Aleksandr12)